Save Yourself From Expired Domain Name Trouble!

With Domain Watchman, you can track all your domains statuses and get notified before domain expiration, so you never miss your domain renewal date.

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All Your Domains Organized in One Place

You can create a portfolio of domain names, inspect domain properties, search through the list, sort it, or categorize the domains by putting labels.

Get notified when any of the following domain properties change

Expiration date is near
Status changed
Name server changed
Domain became available to register
Owner information became public
Registration happened

Check To See If You're Getting The Best Price From Your Registrar!

Our registrar price comparison tool can tell you if your current registrar is the most cost-effective one.

And if someone else is offering better rates, you may want to look into switching to make sure you pay the best price.

We are working on adding more popular registrars in the near future!

Dynadot Dynadot
Gandi Gandi
GoDaddy GoDaddy
Google Domains Google Domains
Hover Hover
NameCheap NameCheap
OVHcloud OVHcloud
Porkbun Porkbun

Get Alerts through Several Channels with Our Notification Feature!

We realize how important it is to receive expiration alerts in advance, so that's why we let you choose multiple notification channels - so there is no way you miss them!

In addition to customizing the number of days before expiration, you can also choose the type of notifications you receive and how you receive them.


With Domain Watchman, you can receive notifications via email, Slack, Discord, and Telegram, while support for PagerDuty, Opsgenie, and Zapper is on the way.

Got Your Eye on a Taken Domain?

Checking your own domain expiry isn't the only option!

It's possible to also check on the expiration date of another domain you're thinking about grabbing up.

Make a list of domain names you like and as soon as its current registration expires we will let you know!

Make Sure Your Reputation is Spotless

Not getting the response you expected from your email campaigns? Your domain could be blacklisted (blocklisted).

We can quickly find out if your website has been blacklisted so you can work on getting it whitelisted before too much damage has been done to your business’s reputation.

curl \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer $token' \ -d '{"name": ""}' \

Domain Watchman API

Easily integrate Domain Watchman into your software, connect it with other services, or automate domain name related tasks using the API.

You can use the API to query the WHOIS database and get the details about a domain name. Add or remove a domain name from your domain portfolio. Manage notification settings and to retrieve the alert history.

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